Missions & Values

Our Vision

1. To be the best and most dynamic health maintenance organisation in Nigeria.
2. To compare favourably in standard and dynamism with any of such organisation globally.


Our Mission

1. To provide easy access to quality health care through continuous expansion of our network.
2. To ensure the best of care at all levels.
3. To contribute significantly to the overall development of health care delivery in Nigeria


Our Values

Our business is conducted upon our TRIP values of, Transparency, Reliability and excellence, Integrity and Partnership which includes client focus

Transparency: we ensure that our operations and protocols are open for scrutiny. No hidden clauses in our offerings. We provide opportunity for you understand our position and draw your own conclusions.

Reliability and Excellence: We build reliability and excellence into our operations through our commitment to international best practices and continuous improvement strategy

Integrity: We make integrity the focus in all our dealings.

Partnership: We place a great deal of premium on the relationship built with various professionals and other stakeholders in the health insurance environment aimed at ensuring sustainable development. This includes a focus on our clients as partners.

Health Tips

Avoid alcohol

Regular exercise

Eat balance diet

Adequate rest

Avoid stress

Avoid self medication

Regular medical checkup












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