Private Health Plan

Health Insurance, also known as medical insurance is a form of insurance which covers the expenses incurred on medical treatment and hospitalization. It covers the individual and family against any financial constraints arising from medical emergencies. In case of sudden hospitalization, illness or accident, health insurance takes care of the expenses on medicines, oxygen, ambulance, blood, hospital room, various medical tests and almost all other costs involved.

Basically, since medical expenses are increasing every year, it becomes difficult for someone to suddenly pay about N100,000.00 to N4,000,000.00 towards medical emergencies. Since medical emergencies cannot be postponed or neglected, this unforeseen expense becomes inevitable if health insurance has not been availed. Thus by paying a nominal amount of premium of say N15,000.00 per annum, a 35 year old man can get covered up to N250,000.00 of medical expenses per annum. Perhaps a sudden expense of N150,000.00 may seem very high for the individual; however a nominal amount of N15,000.00 per annum, i.e. N1,250.00 per month may seem to be a very reasonable cost. This amount however, has to be paid every year; otherwise the cover ceases to exist.

Health expenses are increasing considerably each day and so are the health risks. Therefore, it is essential to have a personal health insurance policy even if we are covered under a company health insurance policy. With a wide array of health insurance policies, United Healthcare International is poised to safeguarding your health and that of your family members for a token premium.

Health Tips

Avoid alcohol

Regular exercise

Eat balance diet

Adequate rest

Avoid stress

Avoid self medication

Regular medical checkup












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