UHI shall:
• Conduct its operations in a way that prevents occupational injury and ill-health to all who access its premises or patronize its services,
• Comply with all applicable legal, statutory and other requirements,
• Implement OHSAS 18001:2007 requirements throughout in all its processes and continually improve its occupational health and safety practices

United Healthcare International Limited Management ensures that:
• OH&S Policy is documented, implemented and sustained through adequate communication of the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007 to employees, suppliers and other interested parties.
• The OH&S Policy provides the basis for setting and reviewing OH&S objectives and programs, which are reviewed annually during management review to ensure continuing relevance.

It is the responsibility of all UHI personnel to apply the intent of this Policy to assigned duties and to the best of their abilities. They also have the responsibility to report any unsafe situation, acts or conditions that may pose risk to their wellbeing, material – loss or damage to the environment.

a. To ensure that all staff, visitors and contractors are given adequate training, supervision and information necessary for them to carry out their work safely and with minimum risk to their health;
b. To strive to achieve zero accidents;
c. To ensure timely reporting of all incidents (within 24 hours)

Signed by Management (10/12/2020)