Got Questions?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Retail Plan FAQs

Yes, the retail plan covers ages 18 – 65 years.

A pre-existing condition is any medical condition that already existed at the time of purchasing a health plan.

Yes, all pre-existing and chronic conditions are excluded from the policy in the first year however please refer to the terms and conditions on your policy document for full list of conditions.

No, premium are on annual basis.

Yes, you may wish to add any number of dependents (within the age limit) on your plan at the cost of the chosen plan.

Yes, you may purchase the plan for your family.

Yes, enrollees have access to available hospitals on their plan type.

Yes, gym access is included in some retail packages

Yes, for cases that cannot be properly managed in Nigeria, other regions of cover stated on the plan are accessible.

Corporate Plan FAQs

Yes, pre-existing health conditions are covered for all staff. However we ask that you disclose your condition at the commencement of the health plan.

HR Managers and Business Owners can onboard staff, track coverage packages, generate reports and so much more through our Corporate Portal.

You can access any provider available on your plan type on the go, anywhere in Nigeria.

A summary of benefits coverage for your plan type is made available to your HR team or via the Mobile App.

This is dependent on your company policy. However, standard cover is Staff, Spouse and 4 biological children.

Upgrades are only allowed at policy inception and renewal. A 30 days grace is provided for this change at each interval.

No, Specialist care can be pre-booked before a visit if you do not want to see a GP

All Newborn babies on our corporate plan are covered under the mother’s plan within the first 6 weeks of life. Babies should be registered soon after birth to receive care after the neonatal period. In addition to their benefits coverage, babies on the corporate healthcare plan receive immunization, well-baby checks at their primary care provider and are covered under the Baby wellness programme.

Yes, you may access care out Nigeria at regions available on your plan type for cases that cannot be properly managed within the country.

Yes, we offer affordable tailor-made Pre-employment Tests to suit your work environment. Get in touch to find out more