Occupational Health and Safety Policy

United Healthcare International Limited (UHI) as a health maintenance organization (HMO) is committed to:

  • Implementation of occupational health and safety management system based on ISO 45001:2018 standard in its workplace that aims at providing a safe and healthy working condition for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health for the benefit of all workers, visitors, external providers and other people accessing its office premises;
  • Fulfilment of legal requirements that includes local, federal and regulatory laws, other requirements such as community and contractors’ requirements and other known international standards;
  • Identification and elimination of occupational health and safety hazards including reduction of OH&S risks using appropriate hierarchy of controls and the integration of safety and health in all processes;
  • Continual improvement of the OH&S management system/safety and health performance with an overall objective of “zero accident” for all workers, contractors and other interested parties accessing the workplace;
  • Consultation and participation of workers in OH&S related activities and where applicable workers’ representatives.



To achieve the above OH&S Policy, UHI ensures:

  1. This policy provides a sense of direction to achieve zero accident and other measurable objectives and targets in all relevant processes affecting the OH&S risks;
  2. Documentation, implementation and maintenance of OH&S Policy and availability to all interested parties accessing the workplace as appropriate;
  3. This policy is reviewed periodically (or at every management review) for continuing suitability, effectiveness and adequacy. Operational contingency may necessitate a review of this policy.

Managing Director