Community Based Social Health Insurance Scheme (CBSHIP)

National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) goal of enhancing the health status of Nigerians through financial protection and consumer satisfaction is achievable only when there extension to the Informal sector which constitutes over 70% of the total population is enrolled.

This program is a non-profit health insurance program targeted at a cohesive group of individuals in households and/or occupation-based groups, who have decided to engage the ethics of mutual aid to collectively pool their health risks.

Members of the group take care of the group management.

Membership is voluntary and available to all residents/families of the participating communities/occupation-based groups. The benefit package will be determined by the members of the group after considering their health needs and how much they are willing to contribute.

Each program will have a clearly defined procedure for registering enrollees and issuing ID cards. Healthcare providers will provide healthcare services to enrollees and receive payment from program managers and give feedback to them.