Health insurance is a social security system that guarantees the provision of needed health services to persons on the payment of token contributions at regular intervals.

The NHIS Act is the statutory authority for the Scheme's benefits program as well as sets the general rules and guidelines for the operation of the Scheme

The NHIS in December 2011 launched another of her programs called The Voluntary Contributors Social Health Insurance Program. This program is targeted mainly at employers and employees of urban organizations with less than 10 employees. Families which desire to provide health insurance cover for their members are also eligible for this program.

Eligible participants can now register online as a Voluntary Contributor and pay online. You can also register for an online account that will allow you to view your details and to manage your account. 
You will be required to purchase a voucher at Fifteen Thousand Naira (N15,000) from United Healthcare International Limited (one of the participating Health Maintenance Organizations).

With the pin on the voucher, you will register online on the NHIS website. There, you will be able to select the health care facility of your choice online by selecting your State and Local Government Area (LGA) and the drop down box for health care facilities (HCFs) will display registered HCFs in that LGA. Please note that in some LGA do not have registered HCFs. Voluntary Contributors can select a facility from the closest LGA.

At the expiration of a waiting period of one month, the enrollee will have access to healthcare services under the scheme guided by the NHIS benefit package for one year. Renewal of registration can be done after the purchase of another voucher without a waiting period.